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Stair Lift's can be a wonderful low cost solution to help you stay in your home safely. These devices install easily to your existing staircase and require virtually no modification's to be done to your home.  When these device's are no longer needed they can be easily removed and there is little that needs to be done to return the home to its previous condition.


New Stair Lifts

We are factory trained for stair lift installation and have many brands and styles available. From simple straight stair lifts to very complex curved units we can help you find a model that is right for your needs. Please see our gallery and brochure pages for photos, videos, specifications and more information about some of the lifts that we carry.

Stair Lift Rental

There are certain situations that renting a stair lift makes more sense than purchasing one outright. The issue with most rental programs is that they often utilize outdated or end of life equipment. We offer a unique rental program for our customers that utilizes quality like new equipment for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. We also offer you the ability to purchase the equipment within three months of installation for the same price you would pay if you were to purchase it outright upfront. Call us today at (314)686-9720 for more information about our rental program!

Used Stair Lifts

We are unique in the fact that we do offer used stair lifts as well as new. Used stair lifts can be a great solution for some situations. All of our used lifts are inspected and serviced and any parts found to be defective or at end of life will be replaced so you can be assured that it will be safe to use. Stair lifts are always modified in some way to fit the home they are installed in so not all lifts can be recycled and not all homes will be able to have a used lift installed in them. Please call us a (314)686-9720 to see if it is possible to have a used stair lift installed in your home.

Do you remove or purchase stair lifts?

If you have a stair lift that is no longer needed we do offer services to remove them. We will also purchase certain models of stair lifts outright as well. For more information about having a stair lift removed from your home please contact us at (314) 686-9720.

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